Heavy Ion Physics

Scope of questions for State exams of Master's degree program

Branch: Nuclear and Particle Physics

Subject: Heavy Ion Physics

Subjects regarding the questions:

  • 02RFTI Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics
  • 02ESH Extreme States of Matter
1. General overview of heavy ion physics
time evolution of the collision; properties of the quark-gluon plasma; quark-gluon plasma probes; phase diagramof the nuclear matter; collision centrality; kinematics
2. Particle production
multiplicity; hadronization; models describing particle production
3. Light quarks
strangeness enhancement; spectra of identified particles; radial flow
4. Jet quenching
nuclear modification factor: transverse momentum dependence, centrality dependence, energy dependence, frame dependence, dependence on the quark type; cold nuclear matter effects
5. Heavy quarks
open heavy flavor; quarkonia; heavy quark energy loss in quark gluon plasma; elliptic flow of heavy flavor
6. Jets
jet reconstruction; jets nuclear modification factor; di-jet asymmetry; modification of the jet structure in the medium
7. Flow
hydrodynamics; flow measurement; centrality and transverse momentum dependence of the flow; elliptic flow
8. Correlations, fluctuations
fluctuations of the initial stage; event-by-event fluctuations; femtoscopy; chiral magnetic effect
9. Electromagnetic probes
thermal photons; W a Z interaction with media; dileptons
10. Small collision systems
collectivity; jet quenching; strangeness; heavy quarks