Fundalementals of Scientific Computing

Scope of questions for State exams of Bachelor's degree program

Branch: Physics of Plasma and Thermonuclear Fusion

Subject: Fundalementals of Scientific Computing

Subjects regarding the questions:

  • 12UPF12 Introduction to Computational Physics 1, 2
  • 12MNE1 Numerical Methods 1
  • 12UVP Introduction to Scientific Computing
  • 12POALComputer Algebra
1. Parallel computing methods
2. Computational dynamics of compressible fluids, Euler equations
3. Quantum computing
4. Artificial intelligence applications in physics
5. Scientific documents creation with mathematical text, scientific publishing analysis
6. Numerical methods for solving of linear equations systems, direct and iterative methods, non-linear equations solving
7. Methods for function interpolation and approximation, matrix eigenvalues and eigenvectors
8. Numerical derivatives and integration, quadratures
9. Numerical solving of ordinary differential equations, Runge-Kutta methods
10. Integrated computing systems a computer algebra, computer algebra algorithms