Joint PhD in Fusion

What makes the joint doctoral programme „High Temperature Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion“, as proposed by Universitait Gent in Belgium and the Czech Technical University in Prague different from similar doctoral programmes as offered by a single university (e.g. the within the Nuclear Engineering at CTU Prague)?

The doctoral studies in this new four-year field of studies, features the following main peculiarities due to the agreements between the two partners:

  1. The programme will be managed according to the agreements as signed by the rectors of the two Universities at the beginning of 2020. A successful graduate of the programme shall receive two doctoral diplomas from both partner Universities.
  2. Application for admission to the doctoral studies has to be done at each of the two Organizing Universities. Both Universities waived the tuition fees. Students who are primarily (i.e. including the thesis supervision) registered at CTU in Prague may also receive scholarship at the level they would receive in another doctoral programme. The Ghent University requires only standard registration fee from student registered in this joint programme.
  3. The Master diploma in the field of High Temperature plasma and Thermonuclear fusion is not required, the programme is suitable in general for holders of Master diploma in the field of physics, applied physics, physical engineering, or with equivalent academic qualifications from an internationally recognized university. University where the student applies first for registration (and, typically, for the dissertation topic, too) is expected to verify within the admission procedure and/or interview sufficient English language proficiency (equivalent to CERF level B2). The Czech Technical University in Prague also requires (and provides) previous validation (nostrification) of Master diploma from foreign universities.
  4. The joint training programme is supervised by international Supervisory Board that consists of five lecturers from CTU, five lecturers from Universitait Gent and two external experts.
  5. The topic of the dissertation thesis, and the supervisors are set similarly to other doctoral programmes at the two universities, however, there are subject to endorsement by the Supervisory board, that shall also regularly follow up the progress of all students.
  6. Each student must develop an introductory training period providing 24 ECTS – typically, 18 for science courses and 6 for transferable skills (including language courses). For courses or training activities whose size is not expressed in ECTS credits, the Supervisory Board will decide on the number of credits to be assigned to the activity, taking into account the study load of the course. Each student is also expected to participate in at least two international conferences with oral or poster presentation, to participate in at least two international PhD events, provided they are being organised by FuseNet within the 4 years of study, and have at least two articles as first author (or leading author) published in an international refereed scientific journal.
  7. Each student must past within her/his studies at least six months (cumulative) at the partner University or in an institute or in the Participating Institution determined by the partner University.
  8. Every student must pass the state doctoral exam according to the rules of the CTU in Prague, and also the final defence of the doctoral thesis, as well as the public defence of the doctoral thesis according to the rules of Universitait Gent. The exam committees are set by the Supervisory board, within the limits of legislation and study regulations of both partner Universities. 

The contacts

The coordinator at the Czech Technical University in Prague is doc. Dr. Jan Mlynář, Department of physics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The coordinator at Universitait Gent is prof. Geert Verdoolaege, Department of Applied physics, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Universitait Gent, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Joint Degree project outcomes - study materials